MOZAIC – IAGOS Scientific Symposium on Atmospheric Observation by Commercial Aircraft

12 – 15 May 2014, Toulouse, France

Celebration (12 May) : AIRBUS

Symposium (13-15 May) : Centre International de Conférences at Météo-France

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Second Circular / Call for Abstract
Climate change, air quality, stratospheric ozone depletion and the oxidizing capacity of the atmosphere are major issues that require detailed long-term observations of atmospheric chemical composition on a global scale. For 20 years MOZAIC and its successor IAGOS successfully have harnessed the potential of commercial passenger aircraft to respond to these needs.

Objective of the Symposium
The MOZAIC-IAGOS Scientific Symposium is dedicated to celebrate 20 years of MOZAIC and to prospect future insights from its successor IAGOS.
This symposium is meant to highlight the achievements and emphasize the needs of users of observations and related products. We seek to encourage discussions to further link the different communities and to foster further development in research themes. We also seek to further understand the needs of the users both in terms of database functionality and in terms of measurement capacities.

Day 1, afternoon: Celebration of MOZAIC
Confirmed key note speakers:

  • Guy Brasseur: Science Achievements of MOZAIC
  • Leonard Barrie: The role of IAGOS and European Infrastructures in Global Air Chemistry Research
  • Gelsomina Pappalardo: Visions for a Future Integrated Global Atmospheric Composition Observations System
  • IAGOS Executive Board: Future Prospects of IAGOS

This day will end with a reception/dinner, acting as an ice-breaking event for the whole symposium.

Day 2-4: Scientific Symposium

  • Session 1: UTLS Chemical composition and Trends, Invited talk by Bill Randel, NCAR, Boulder, USA
  • Session 2: Long-Range Transport of Air Pollutants, Invited talk by Kathy Law, LATMOS-IPSL, Paris, France
  • Session 3: Water Vapour and Clouds, Invited talk by Peter Spichtinger, Univ. Mainz, Germany
  • Session 4: Recent and New technical developments, Invited talks by Philippe Nedelec, CNRS, France, and Christoph Gerbig, MPI-BGC, Jena, Germany
  • Session 5: Monitoring Atmospheric Composition, Climate and Air Quality, Invited talk by Vincent-henri Peuch, ECMWF, UK
  • Session 6: Evaluation/Validation of Satellites and Surface Remote Sensing, Invited talk by Peter van Velthoven, KNMI, NL

Abstract submission

Abstracts should be submitted to following the instructions given there. Abstracts should not exceed 350 words. Please indicate the session you want to contribute and to provide the preference presentation (oral or poster).

Deadline for submission 15 February 2014.


It is planned to publish the symposium contributions as a special issue of Tellus B.


To receive further details, please notify your interest by sending an e-mail to:

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Organized and co-sponsored by: AIRBUS, CNRS-INSU, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Air France, Lufthansa, Météo-France, Laboratoire d’Aérologie, OMP and Université de Toulouse

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